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Site and Program Log

Detailed history of websites and programs used, by user, department, category or computer.

Automatic Computer Locking

Automatically locks computers at the end of the workday, ensuring data security and compliance with company policies.

Business Intelligence

Customizable interactive dashboards and graphs for managing and controlling your team's productivity remotely or in your company.

Working Hours

Control your employees' working hours accurately and securely in a non-invasive remote way, with reports on time worked and idle time.

Customized Solutions

We develop customized solutions to integrate your processes and improve your company's productivity from end to end.

Idle Control

Automatically identify your employees' idle time via reports or interactive dashboards.

Website blocking

Identify which unproductive websites are being accessed and block them immediately, even with the employee working from home.

Custom Dashboards

We develop personalized indicators, dashboards and reports, individually adapted to the needs of each client.

Automatic Notifications

Schedule the automatic sending of reports and indicators at specific times, making it easier to analyze and manage your team more effectively.

Productivity Score

Use our exclusive productivity score to better understand your team's behavior.

FTP Data Extraction

Each client has a unique FTP, allowing them to receive their data daily. This enables integration with BI tools already in use by each client.

Silent Installation

Install monitoo confidentially via GPO or directly on the workstation, without the need for infrastructure using our cloud platform.

Productivity Management and Measurement

Monitoo provides analyses and insights of your team to optimize your processes.

Unlike other monitoring software, Monitoo does not compromise the privacy of the employee. The software only collects relevant information for analyzing team productivity, such as which programs and websites were accessed, time spent on each task, downtime, and reports that show the total time worked day by day, like a remote timecard report whether the employee is inside or outside the company. It does not collect personal information, screen images, typed keystrokes, or private conversations.

The software also adheres to data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). It ensures that all collected information is stored securely and confidentially, and employees have the right to access their own data.

Monitoo brings several benefits to the company and its employees. For the company, it helps identify areas for improvement in team productivity, allowing it to take measures to increase efficiency. Additionally, the software also helps reduce time spent on non-productive tasks, increasing team effectiveness.

For employees, Monitoo can help identify areas where they need improvement, allowing them to focus on more important tasks and increase their productivity. Moreover, the software also helps ensure a healthy work environment, eliminating the need for overtime to complete tasks.



With our ethical approach, everyone benefits!


Nothing you type or even display on your screen is captured, we take privacy very seriously.

Real time

Monitor your team's productivity and engagement in the workplace in real time.


You gain actionable insights to improve processes, optimize technology, and reduce risk.


Help your team stay focused. Automate route corrections and increase team performance.

On or Off

Quickly see team productivity and availability through our dashboard.


Weekly monitoring reports are issued automatically.


Dramatically reduce the amount of distractions, save money at the end of the month and increase productivity.


Ensure compliance with your company's security and privacy standards and regulations.


Free trial for 7 days on up to 5 computers

Setup in Minutes | No credit card required | No cancellation or loyalty fees on the monthly plan


01 to 10 Users

$ 3, 99

month per User

The Most Sold


11 to 100 users

$ 2, 99

month per User


+ than 100 users

$ 1, 99

month per User

Full Custom

+ than 500 Users

$ 1, 0

month per User

Save 25% on the Annual Plan


Discover the functions available in all plans

Employee Productivity Score
History of Websites and Programs Accessed
Employee Idleness Control
Blocking Unproductive Sites
Total Hours Worked and Productive
Advanced Productivity Management
Employee Activity Timeline

Discover other solutions for your company

We offer productivity solutions that boost your business!

Process and Productivity Consulting

Improve your operation with our Process and Productivity Consulting. We identify and activate critical improvements, customizing solutions that increase your operational efficiency.

Systems Development and Integration

Enhance operational efficiency with tailored solutions. We unite your technological tools, refining your workflow and increasing corporate productivity with strategic precision.

Advanced Indicators in Business Intelligence

Elevate your company's business intelligence with the Development of Customized Indicators by Monitoo. Integrating seamlessly with your current software and Monitoo, our BI indicators transform data into powerful insights.

Software for Business Productivity

Accelerate productivity and streamline management with our careful selection of software. From CRM and Project Management to Data Analytics and Human Resources, we provide the essential tools to drive your company's growth.

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